Millenials are more likely to pick your restaurant if you embrace the latest restaurant technologies

We offer you to embrace the top technologies with no investment on additional infrastructure.

Not Anymore

An app that lets your customers place an order right from their own device. No need to install tablets on tables. No need to take orders manually.

Customer walks in

Heads to the table

Gets the menu

Checks pricing

Interacts with the server

Places Order

Enjoys the meal

Asks for the bill

Offers card/cash


Customer walks in

Sits at the table

Scans the QR code

Checks the menu on the app

Places Order

Pays via App

Leaves Happy & Satisfied


Digital Menu

Detailed menu with ingredient list & detail on dishes and cuisine

Food tagging for diet conscious people

Real-time special offerings

Chef’s food pairing recommendations

Personalized recommendations based on taste profile & history

Ability to customize orders

Order and pay directly via app

Palatable helps you take the eat-in experience of your guests to another level

Clubbing convenience with technology in the most seamless manner. It will make running a restaurant so much more easier.

Evolving the Dining Experience!

From just showing up on your doorstep without reservations, to clicking Instagram-worthy photos, foodies have come a long way when it comes to a fine dining experience. So why not keep up with the trend and offer your customers exactly what they are looking for?