Stop losing business due to impatient and frustrated customers

No more busy phone lines. No more overburdened receptionists. No more jotting down orders through phone. No more messing up of orders due to miscommunication.


Consumer App

With FK, orders for take out and deliveries are placed directly via app


Customizations can be done directly via app


All ingredient and dish descriptions are clearly displayed on the digital menu in the app

AI Chatbot

AI-enabled chatbot answers customer queries immediately

Enjoy many benefits with one app!

Save your staff from getting overburdened with orders

Use receptionist time for better customer service

Avoid frustrated customers

Offer instant gratification to customers through instant ordering via app

Enjoy clear phone lines

Make your staff readily available for other important restaurant operations

Saving the time of your staff and working towards 100% perfection in order taking is the right thing to do.

Partner with Palatable to make it happen.

Evolving the Dining Experience!

From just showing up on your doorstep without reservations, to clicking Instagram-worthy photos, foodies have come a long way when it comes to a fine dining experience. So why not keep up with the trend and offer your customers exactly what they are looking for?